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Thank you for coming to visit. I hope you’ll feel at home and that my knowledge and experiences will resonate with what you are looking for.

Yoli Siabatto

I am Yolanda Siabatto, better known as YOLI.

Hi there,

Thank you for joining me on my journey.

I believe that when we share our life experiences, wisdom and knowledge with others, we open our hearts. We are givers and receivers in movement, evolution and expansion.

I was born in Bogotá, Colombia but I have lived in The Netherlands since 1989.  I am a happy mother and grandmother.

Dancing, cooking and taking care of people give me a lot of energy, joy and inspiration in life.  These activities bring balance to my mind, body and soul and it is with great zest that I continue to improve myself in all these areas.

My urge to want to contribute to society by means of my love for dancing, cooking and helping others, took me on a journey of cellular self- discovery. I began searching for courses, seminars, webinars and workshops that would support this intense desire I had for self-discovery and healing. And so, after years of training, I plunge into self-employment and take the leap into sharing what I have to offer to anyone who feels attuned to receive it.

I believe in the never-ending process of learning from everyday life and I am enjoying the ride! I look forward to meeting you and learning from you because I am an eager student and you are my master.




Reflexology2006 – 2009Sonnevelt Opleidingen
Energy Coach2013Energy To(o)nen Opleidingen
Marma Therapy2019 – 2020Sri Sri Ayurveda Europe – Shankara, Europe B.V.
Aroma Touch2022dōTERRA with Carla Hulleman
Ear Reflexology 2007 Sonneveldt Opleidigen
Hot stone massage 2009 Sonneveldt Opleidigen
Toes reading 2009 Medicod
Extra sensory perception 2011 Dhr. Wetsema
Introduction to Astrology March 2021 With Mercedes Arnús – The Astral Method
Health Seminars 2010 to the present The JuicePlus Company
Sacred Plant CBD Oil 2018 Online Master Class
The path towards self-awakening 2018 MindValley with Neal Donald Walsh
Energy Medicine 2018 MindValley with Donna Eden
Discover Your Life Purpose 2019 MindValley with Michael Beckwith
Feng Shui In Your Life 2019 MindValley with Marie Diamond
Unlocking Your Quantum Powers 2019 Evolving Wisdom with Dr. Jean Huston
Planetary Consciousness Path 2020 to the present Matías De Stefano – Fundacíon Arsayian
Art of Breathing March 2021 Art of Living with Haleh Schuurmans


See our services here with accompanying explanation.

What is reflexology?

Pressure is applied to specific reflex points of the foot.

These points correspond to organs or areas of the body that when press, they open the flow of energy in them and free blockages wich brings balance to the organ.
The treatment induce a healing respons aliviating even stress in the body.

Potential benefits:

Increase the flow of energy

Cleanse de body of toxines

Boost the Immune system

Increase circulation

Types of Massages:

Single Relaxation massage

Single Metamorfose massage

Multiple Massages with specific treatments for different illness, or discomfort that you may have.

These tratments are given twice a month, and have a trajectory and a follow up with the client.

These treatments only take 3 months ( 6 massages per treatment )


Single Relaxing Massage : The treatment last aproximately 30 minutes.

Single Metamorfose Massage : The treatment last aproximately 40 minutes

  • Take in consideration about 5 minutes before we start and 10 to 15 min before you leave.
  • Is recomendable to rest for a couple of minutes after the massage, before you get up from the table.

For more information please contact me via e-mail : info@yoliness.nl


Marma Therapy hamonizes the body’s built energy network.

The ancient definition of Marma Points, handed down for us through the centuries, is specifically  “ the various points on the body where the subtle life energy becomes matter, where thoughts transfer to the physical realm . They are junction points in the body fundamental built-in electrical switches.

Mental stresses cloud or obstruct the subtle channels in the body, reducing the flow of energy. The blocks formed in the energy channels due to emotions and subtle feelings, are the cause of many diseases.

A gentle touch on the Marma Points releases de blockages allowing life energy to flow to the connectings organs or tissues, leading the body to a renewed energy and better health.

Potential Benefits:

  • Increase awareness
  • Support the healing process of many diseases
  • Releases stress
  • Clarity / Calms the Mind
  • Improves physical stability
  • Relieves nerve pain
  • Balance the flow of energy of the body
  • Pain reduction

Contra indications:

In some cases Marma Therapy can not be applied:

  • During pregnancy
  • High intake of drugs or alcohol
  • Serious mental disorders
  • Heavy antidepressants and heavy mind suppresing drugs with lithium / drug abuse

Marma for children:

Children from 6 years old can benefit from this therapy.

Parents are allowed in the room during the session that takes between 15 till 20 min. depending on the child.


  • A mail with details about the preparation before the treatment will be send to you when the appoinment is done.
  • From begin to end it will take us about one hour and fifteen minutes, at least.
  • For chronic ilnesses the time of the treatment will be accommodated to the needs of the person.

A Holistic Coach is someone who wishes to assist people in their path of transforming their BODY, MIND and SOUL to create a conscious, mindful life.


During these sessions, we will learn how to get to an understanding of your specific situation.

  • We will learn what are we feeding our body
  • How to recognize our emotions
  • We will learn what are the patrons that keep you in this situation and how to transform them to start using them as tools for your own benefit.


Dancing is one of the most ancient heartfelt, caring, sharing and daring encounters with one another.

By dancing we get lost in our minds, we experience rythm, music inside our bodies and freedom of spirit.

I have been teaching latin dances since 1998. This is the time when I started my own salsa dance school in Wageningen, although I have been dancing all my life.

It is a privilege to have the skills of giving people a taste of my culture through our Latin Music so I invite you to join me and have the experience we will have lots of fun.

Dance Genres:

  • Salsa
  • Merengue
  • Bachata
  • YoliNess Mix
  • Reggaeton

The dance lessons are private ( Covid19 )
For more information please contact me!

This particular part of my YoliNess is really my second favorite after the dance lessons.

The presentations will be interactive, in other words the audience participates by

  • asking questions at the end of each talk
  • share their toughts about it
  • share their experiences

The evenings have different themes and also different dynamics, e.g. with videos, PowerPoint, workshops and guest speakers.

Here are some of the topics we can start with:

Food and Energy:

Know that your physical body is made up of matter and needs attention, care and maintenance. Eating properly acording to your health state, means giving our body the right fuel to function longer and healthier.

Basic knowledge of our physical and energetic body:

It is essential to know the relationship between our physical body and our energetic body. They are not separate from each other. The more we know about how they work together, the easier it is for us to balance them.

Optimal Habits:

Habits can be adjusted, changed, deleted and we even can create new ones.How can you bring your habits to an optimal level or reprogram them?

The wonders of your physical body:

How does our body work inside? Is that the same for everyone?


The word hormones comes from the Greek word hormao which means ‘that which sets in motion’. Hormones are your body’s chemical messengers.

Food and the law of attraction:

Our body is very grateful and intelligent. The more aware we are of our body’s needs, the more we understand how we can help it to be fit and healthy.Here is when I big part comes into play Understanding how connected we are with the Elements, with Mother earth, with the Universe we all live in.

Why nutritional supplements?

  • Filling the nutritional gap
  • Nutrients absortion decline with age
  • Poor eating habits
  • Avoid harmful chemicals 

Tips and tricks for a happy and healthy life:

When we are ill we cannot fully concentrate in other things right? we “must” first ensure that we become healthy again. Here is when our input comes in. Lets share our homemade recipies, our own life’s experiences, because some times, we’ll be surprise how easy it can be to get our body back into balance. 


Prices  Reflexology :

  • Relaxation massage :
    45 minutes                € 65 
  • Metamorphic massage :
    45 minutes                € 65 
  • Complete Treatment 6 times :
    45 minutes                € 390 

Prices Marma Treatment :

  • Marma Treatment :
    1,5 hour                     € 100 

Prices Holistic Coaching :
The coaching can vary from 3 to 6 sessions

  • Session :
    1 hour                        € 100 

Prices Dance Lessons :

  • Workshop /Try out ( free of charge ) 1 hour
  • This workshop will introduce you to the different dance styles.

Merengue, Salsa, Regeaton, Bachata, etc. All these with a partner or without one. Max 4 people.

  • Dance Lessons :
    10 lessons                 € 250

Gift Cards:

  • Try out / Workshop dance lessons
  • Relaxation foot massage

No reimbursement through health insurance


Availability for phone calls: 
Monday till Friday 12:00 / 14:00

You can always send a WhatsApp message or an email to info@yoliness.nl



Through my work, I can help you raise your awareness, improve your health and your creativity.
I believe that by helping each other we grow in body, mind, and soul.
Here is when YoliNess was born.
I just wanted to share the things that I have learned with you. And maybe help you bring some balance to your life.
Putting ourselves aside for a moment and listening with the heart when someone is in trouble is like looking in a mirror; we find out that what we are looking at is just a reflection. The answer is always inside of us, never outside.

Love, Yoli