Speaking from The Heart

No experience physical, mental or emotional exist
except through your awareness
These times we are living have something to teach us.

Something is floating in the air, is invisible, is an energy that is moving inside and outside of us.
Everybody is saying something different. We can not believe in what we used to anymore but, what were we believing in?
Who did we use to trust?

From my point of view, I think these times are here to make us reflect on questions that we should consider giving some attention to, For example:
what we are doing with our lives? where are we going?
why is this all happening? How do I cope with all this?
Even though I don’t have all the answers there is only one thing I know for sure

I have always found peace when I am centered in my heart

Here is how I do it when I found myself in stress situations

  1. I pay attention to my breathing, is it high? low? Am I breathing?
  2. Then I close my eyes for a bit and I’ll be aware of where I am at the moment
  3. As I exhale, I feel where inside my body is discomfort taken place, and consciously, I lead my breath to this specific organ. I do this for as long as is necessary

These practices have helped me a lot in many situations and the more I practice them the easier it gets. These conscious practices have become a part of my behavior and of course a part of myself.
I AM the one I can trust
I AM the peace that I am looking for
I AM the comfort my body wants to feel

I hope this article has helped you with your own journey as it has helped me with mine.

When you have questions about this blog please feel free to contact me


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Through my work, I can help you raise your awareness, improve your health and your creativity.
I believe that by helping each other we grow in body, mind, and soul.
Here is when YoliNess was born.
I just wanted to share the things that I have learned with you. And maybe help you bring some balance to your life.
Putting ourselves aside for a moment and listening with the heart when someone is in trouble is like looking in a mirror; we find out that what we are looking at is just a reflection. The answer is always inside of us, never outside.

Love, Yoli