Our Physical Body

Once we start understanding WHO we are physically, we’ll start to treat ourselves as GODS.
There is nothing to compare, even at the highest level of technology.
Our physical body is the most refined device.
We just haven’t taken the time to connect and acknowledge our existence in the material form.
It is not as difficult as we think; once we start paying more attention and connect with its language, the communication will start to flow.
Our body senses all we THINK, FEEL and DO, and it responds accordingly.
What we see, listen to, smell, touch, and taste affect our bodies.
What is happening in the world affect us, directly and indirectly.
Let’s take an example: Right now, all kinds of things are happening that bring all kinds of emotions which are running inside and outside of us; sadness, frustration, feeling powerless, feeling stress, pain, mistrust, uncertainty, a.o. Thus we all are at some level struggling to deal with all of these almost at the same time.
Well, WE ARE EARTH, and our body is the planet, see this analogy with me for a moment; we have millions of cells dying every day; people die every day, we have uncomfortable feelings that come and go in our organs and our body systems; take a look at what is happening to the organs and systems of society right now, all these are just happening every day in front of our eyes.

What if we start taking some care of these symptoms and look at them closely? What would happen if we start to LISTEN carefully? to release some tension, to nurture ourselves, to SEE what we already have, and how we can help clean the mess that we have all created?
I want to share some of my personal exercises that help me in moments of uncertainty, mistrust, sadness, a.o.

  • First of all, you want to learn to make time for yourself. This is important, even if it is just 5 minutes in the morning and 5 min in the afternoon for starters.
  • Sit comfortable and pay attention to your breath. Please close your eyes and feel what emotion (s) are inside and name them (it).
  • Whatever that emotion is, look for that part of your body to feel where this emotion is located and give it a color. Then start guiding your breath to this specific place. (nothing else is on your mind) When you exhale, visualize the color you chose for the organ and let it flow out of your body with a huge feeling of gratitude, then release it. Do this for about 2 to 3 minutes. You will feel relax and calm.
  • Food is the fuel for your physical health. Be aware of what you put in your mouth, what you drink.
  • Food for your mind, what are you thinking? Do your thoughts make you happy?
  • Food for your emotions, Be kind with yourself
  • Find your favorite song and play it sing along with it, or dance along. This is an excellent exercise for the body, mind, and soul.
  • Call a friend that always makes you laugh.
  • Dance any chance you have
  • Trust what your body tells you. It is always right.
  • Enjoy your meals
  • Look around and be grateful for all that you have
  • Have sex with someone you love


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Our Physical Body

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Through my work, I can help you raise your awareness, improve your health and your creativity.
I believe that by helping each other we grow in body, mind, and soul.
Here is when YoliNess was born.
I just wanted to share the things that I have learned with you. And maybe help you bring some balance to your life.
Putting ourselves aside for a moment and listening with the heart when someone is in trouble is like looking in a mirror; we find out that what we are looking at is just a reflection. The answer is always inside of us, never outside.

Love, Yoli