Here is where I Am

Somethings are happening without having an awareness of TIME.


I believe that a project or a task can absorb us; even life itself with all the daily activities can pass us on without being really conscious of what’s happening around us.

This has happened to me many times, but I discover now why this is happening to me. I can not speak for others. This is just a very personal reference that if by any chance it can help you, great! Then I will be serving my purpose. This is my story:

I have been following Matias de Stefano for almost a year every day now, and my life has changed in ways that I have not foreseen. This is a daily activity about personal growth. First of all, I needed the will to want to get to know me better, and since I have been working on this for years now, the teachings of Matias resonated with me enormously, and I started to follow his teachings.

The curiosity that Matias awoke in me when I first saw him on INITIATION, on GAIA TV, with his powerful revelations regarding the creation of the universe and the layers of reality; this was what gave me this “impulse” of wanting to know more.

His project is called: I AM, PLANETARY CONSCIOUS PATH; if you would like to know more about it you can go to

What I have learned until now has taught me how little I knew about literally “everything.” I learn that we are like children; we are Mother Earth learning to discover a new potential that we don’t know how to use.

So, I have been quite busy for the last months looking at myself inside out! Here is where TIME plays a serious role in my life.

When I think I am ready to write something, I feel I am not ready to talk about it, or I am not sure enough about the topic, or I don’t think people will like to read this, etc…. jap, excuses, excuses and more excuses.

What am I thinking, feeling, doing, sharing, eating, speaking, and the list goes on and on, so as he said and I quote “This is an eternal process, so we better make it as comfortable as possible for our own benefit.”

Today I decided to share this process that we are going through with all of you. I will be sharing some of the things that I have been learning and how this process has helped me understand and work on myself daily.

Love, Yoli


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Here is where I Am

Somethings are happening without having an awareness of TIME. …..why? I believe that a project or a task can absorb us; even life itself with

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Through my work, I can help you raise your awareness, improve your health and your creativity.
I believe that by helping each other we grow in body, mind, and soul.
Here is when YoliNess was born.
I just wanted to share the things that I have learned with you. And maybe help you bring some balance to your life.
Putting ourselves aside for a moment and listening with the heart when someone is in trouble is like looking in a mirror; we find out that what we are looking at is just a reflection. The answer is always inside of us, never outside.

Love, Yoli